Recent Projects

High Voltage Power Line

Sid Grabell Contracting had all hands on deck with 2 Bucket Trucks and our Digger Derrick truck to replace a high voltage 27KV power line. We made quick work of this repair to minimize the impact of down time to our customer.

Emergency Call

Sid Grabell Contracting completed an emergency call for a municipal customer who had a transformer pole damaged during an ice storm. An SGC fleet backup generator was connected to ensure power was not disrupted to pump stations. The repairs were completed, and power restored within 72 hours.

Trailer Resort

Even an ice storm doesn’t stop Sid Grabell Contracting! We braved through the winter storm this weekend laying conduit and running wire for a trailer resort customer that was looking to add 20 new trailer sites.

Power Supply

In coordination with Ministry of Transportation, The Miller Group and Burlington Hydro Inc, we successfully replaced this old and deteriorated power supply with a new one, all while maintaining operation of MTO cameras.

Odour Control System

Sid Grabell Contracting prides itself on reducing the impact to the environment wherever possible. Directional drilling is used as a trenchless drilling method to install underground pipe, conduit or cables. This method has little impact on surrounding areas with minimal restoration required. Our operator Martin is shown here using the Directional Drill at one of our customer sites.

Pump Station – Niagara-on-the-Lake

This pump station is located on the lower river in Niagara on the Lake and pumps into piping that leads to irrigation canals. The irrigation canals are used by local farmers & growers within the Town of Niagara on the Lake to water crops. Sid Grabell Contracting installed 2 new sections of motor control centre into the existing pump station. Electrical work was completed for 2 new pumps running on variable frequency drives that control the speed of the motor to the pump. The station’s roof was raised and the station itself was doubled in size. This retrofitting and all associated controls allowed for a completely automated local and/or remote-control process in addition to the standard building services.