Recent Projects


Sid Grabell Contracting was in full force this Victoria Day Weekend. SGC was on site locally and up north for planned outages on 2 different sites. Team 1 completed substation maintenance, removing old insulators, cleaning existing insulators, general maintenance and vegetation removal. Team 2 installed Cogen cable for a 3-megawatt demand response system that lowers power consumption during peak hours.

Hydro Excavation

Members of SGC’s team were camping up north for a campground/RV resort customer. Our team spent the week Hydro Excavating to expose underground utilities and direction boring to install over 1500 feet of conduit pipe! Next they will begin running wire through the conduit….stay tuned for updates!


Al and Andrew completed Aerator maintenance for a customer this week. The Aerators were built in SGC’s shop and transported to site and set in the water. The Aerator’s are used to mix and oxygenate the water beneath the surface.

New Utility Poles

Sid Grabell Contracting installed new utility poles for a customer. Tracy uses the boom on our Digger Derek Truck to lift and swing the pole, with Chris being his spotter, to ensure the pole lifts as intended and is placed into position.

Poll Replacement

Sid Grabell Contracting recently worked with Cogeco to disconnect services from an old utility pole. A new pole was installed, and the old pol removed. Al and Andrew were onsite to reconnect the services to the new pole.

High Voltage Power Line

Sid Grabell Contracting had all hands on deck with 2 Bucket Trucks and our Digger Derrick truck to replace a high voltage 27KV power line. We made quick work of this repair to minimize the impact of down time to our customer.