Recent Projects

IR Scanning & Maintenance

Another successful substation maintenance complete! In preparation of the weekend shutdown, we used our infrared scanner to inspect electrical equipment. This helps to identify loose connections, imbalanced and overloaded circuits, defective breakers, damaged switches and faulty fuses that can lead to equipment failure. Our team then isolated power, cleaned and inspected insulators, high voltage switches and made any necessary repairs. Our line crew also replaced a damaged pole and restrung the primary and secondary feeders. Substation maintenance is key in preventing future failures and reduces the risk of significant plant downtime. Contact SGC for any of your substation and IR scanning needs!

Substation Maintenance

It was a great Saturday for substation maintenance in Port Colborne. Our team powered down, cleaned the pole top switch, transformer, switch gear and MCC panel. Replaced contacts, tightened connections and took oil samples to determine condition of transformer. Great job team!

Emergency Call

Our crew responded to an emergency call in Welland where there were reports of an overhead cable failure. We powered down, installed grounds, inspected cables and insulators and replaced faulty terminations. Great job team!

75 Kilometers of Wire

It has been a busy few months at SGC. Since January, our crew has pulled over 75 kilometers of wire for various projects throughout the Niagara Region and beyond. That is the equivalent distance from Niagara Falls to Burlington! Great job team!

Distribution Assembly Replacement

In coordination with The Miller Group, The Ministry of Transportation and Alectra, we successfully replaced a distribution assembly on Eastport Drive under the Burlingtion Skyway. The DA feeds intersection traffic control lighting and highway street lighting. This smooth and flawless replacement was a great team effort!

Directional Drill

It has been a great start to a new project. Our team directional drilled 3 underground conduits to transformer vaults in preparation for a 650 KW 3 phase service upgrade and expansion. Stay tuned for future progress!