Recent Projects

Wire Pull

Our crew has spent the winter months rock drilling, tree cutting, and installing hydro poles for a 5kv to a 27.6kv conversion. The final push is on for the completion of this conversion that involves the large reel of wire shown here. This wire is 3/0 28KV 1 conductor that wraps around a 96" reel and sits on a stand that was built specifically for it. Our crew will spend the next few days pulling this wire in underground and completing terminations. These large reels are becoming the norm at SGC. Way to go team!

Directional Drilling

Our crew is using our directional drill for conduit and wire to supply power. The directional drill method drastically reduces the amount of restoration that would need to be performed in the traditional trenching method. We have the capability to drill 400+ feet horizontally. A great option when open trenching presents challenges.

Pole Line Hardware Removal

Our crew were up in buckets stripping a 5 KV power line and removing a 3-phase underground dip from an existing pole. This was all in preparation for a conversion from a 5KV to a 27.6 KV service.

Temporary Feeds

Our crew worked to replace a temporary power feed for the Burlington Skyway lighting and overhead signs along the QEW. They ran the new cable feed up the cable tray of the support structure and across into junction boxes.

Rock Drilling

There is a lot of prep work that goes into setting a new utility pole. Our crew has spent the week rock drilling for pole anchors to be set into the ground.

Pole Climb

When working in tight spaces it is not always possible to get a bucket truck close enough to a pole. Our linesmen had to go old school this week using climbing spurs to reach the top of the pole, where he removed 2 phases and changed out a top pin to a 27.6kv insulator. This was in further preparation for the conversion from 5kv to 27.6kv.