Recent Projects

Pole Line Upgrades

Pole line upgrades are quickly becoming the norm for our Power linemen and Journeymen. Cleat, Rob and Chris worked together to transfer services from one pole to another.

New Pole Installation

There is a lot of prep work involved when installing a new hydro pole. Our Power Lineman spent time setting this pole and installing a fiberglass crossarm. Now they are working together in 2 bucket trucks to run a new line from the new pole to an existing one.

Pole Line Hardware Removal

Our crew were up in buckets stripping a 5 KV power line and removing a 3-phase underground dip from an existing pole. This was all in preparation for a conversion from a 5KV to a 27.6 KV service.

Substation Maintenance

Substation maintenance is important to ensure that equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Tracey is in our JLG lift cleaning a resistor bank for a customer's substation.

Canal Days

Sid Grabell Contracting provides all the temporary power for Canal Days in the city or Port Colborne. Our team spent time off loading temporary panels at each site that allowed the vendors to plug into the panels to provide power to their booths. SGC also connected the generators within the park for the main stage that provided power to the lights and power for the bands.

Transformer Replacement

Before a new transformer can be install there is a lot of prep work. Our team spent the day removing 3 primary feeds, 9 secondary feeds, and 1 neutral from an existing transformer for a customer. Using a crane, the old transformer was removed, and a new transformer was moved into place on I beams secured to a concrete pier. Our team cut and fabricated a new termination entrance panel, cut and installed new bare copper for the primary connections at the top of the transformer, reworked all existing secondaries, and completed terminations.