Recent Projects

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is an environmentally friendly process that uses high pressurized water as well as an industrial strength vacuum to excavate and evacuate soil. High pressure water is used to break up soil, rock, gravel etc. while being vacuumed into a debris tank for later disposal. Our Hydro Excavation team was on site for a customer exposing underground utilities and cleaning catch basins.

New Structure

Sid Grabell Contracting installed a new structure inside of a substation this long weekend. Using a crane, the structure was moved into place and installed. We connected 44KV switches and PT’s to the new structure from the existing structure for revenue metering.

Transformer Replacement

Sid Grabell Contracting replaced a large transformer for a customer. Using a crane, the old transformer was removed and the new one set in its place. With a crew of 7 people SGC was able to make quick work of this replacement and finish it within 6 hours.

Campground Hydro Services

A trailer resort has added new lots to their campground which requires hydro services. The SGC Team was busy installing Meter Bases and pulling wire for the service connection.

Canal Days 2018

Ahoy! Sid Grabell contracting had all hands on deck for the Canal Days setup in Port Colbourne. We set up the electrical outlets for vendors to plug in their booths as well as the power supply for the stages. Our team will be manning the rails all weekend to keep the power running and ensure no man goes overboard!

Take Us Out To The Ball Game!

Take us out to the ball game! Cleat is up in our Double Bucket International Truck changing light bulbs. Sid Grabell Contracting changed out 14 light bulbs in various baseball parks over the last 2 weeks. We will also be changing an additional 45 lights out within the next month. Batter up!